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Ditch your CV

Posted on: March 24, 2011

Could not really find the most appropriate title for this post. Just wanted to highlight that web 2.0 or social media has changed the way that people apply for jobs. Its not just a matter of developing a resume or CV. Its now a matter of innovatively marketing yourself and your skill set. Check the video below of the a guy called Ryan Cannon Ray who was ‘applying’ for a community manager post at Woothemes. He created  a quirky and funny web page ‘hire me Woothemes’ .He got the job. Full story on Woothemes blog.


Or check this guy, who made a cool resume infographic. He got a job at HuffPo. Full story on Techcrunch.


Chris Spurlock CV/Infographic

There is more. There is this guy who actually suggested ways of improving the UI of Hipmunk in a blog post. and he got a job at Hipmunk as well. The stroy was featured on CNN Money ‘how to get a job with a blog post’

Yesterday, i read about this girl who wants to work at Instagram and went all out with a website


Bottom line. CVs, as we know them, are getting obsolete. Be more creative.

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1 Response to "Ditch your CV"

Gilbert, thanks so much for including my fun application in your post. I’m sooo glad it helped me land a fantastic opportunity to work with WooThemes. 🙂

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